Youth Programs

Kids Martial Arts in Sioux Falls

Are you a parent in Sioux Falls who is looking for a program that teaches self-defense to your child and the knowledge and skills necessary to become successful in life?

This is the BEST DECISION You will Make ALL YEAR

After signing up for this program, your child will:

  • Have the discipline and focus used in martial arts that are transferrable to life
  • Learn the importance of setting goals—and the ability to surpass them
  • Be able to stand up to bullies, IF needed
  • Stop exhibiting mean and violent behavior such as fighting and yelling at siblings or classmates.
  • Learn to become more compassionate, empathetic, and caring
  • Develop the tools necessary to grow into a successful adult with a healthy mind, body, and spirit
Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do



After School Program

After School Program

Hear From Our Kids and Parents

Mark Tassler Jr.

“…do your own thing and if somebody else is doing something that is going to distract you, just ignore them and do what you’re supposed to and just let them do it but don’t let them encourage you to do it yourself…I get to learn more about my belt and how to get to the next level and try to be a better student and go to the next level of my belt rank…”

Mark Tassler Sr.

“…Professionalism…the professionalism is there. They’re all very credible. They’ve earned my respect. I trust what they’re doing; I never question it. I just sit back and watch…If you’re looking to get into a martial arts training program that’s high quality, and you’re going to make a commitment that hey, this place is going to give me back what I put into it, and you’re willing to put everything you’ve got into it, then yes, I’d recommend it…”

Mason Iery

“…If anything happened, I can protect myself and I feel safer doing it…Sometimes when I’m doing some of the moves, they’re kind of challenging to do. They tell me if I’m doing something wrong they’re positive, like telling me what to do better…I’m really excited because I get to show the littler kids how to do more stuff…”

Frank Iery

“…they’re normal kids of course like all boys, but it was about focus and discipline. That is what I’ve seen that Taekwondo has benefited them…Since they have been at Taekwondo, I have noticed that they have focused more. They are more in tune with being courteous and showing other people respect. That is something I can appreciate that they take away from here…”